We, made careful plans, cleared our desks and registered "The Aardvark" in August of 2008. Like all new ventures, it was and remains to be hard work, but we bit down and trudged on. Years and countless projects later, we're still around and growing steadily, with surveys and mystery audits being the cornerstone of our agency.


Our "happily ever after" is to play a significant role in redefining and refining the evolving service landscape – one survey, one audit at a time.


We shall avoid the run-of-the-mill "providing-a-personalized-service-and-building-trusted-relationships" quest because everyone else is doing it. We just want to blossom into an organisation where people love working in, and people love working with.

Comedian, Debra Wilson, best sums up our strongest beliefs...

"It's all about humanity, humility, and integrity."

We take these 3 words with us wherever we go, to whomever we meet, and in whatever we do.

However, if you're looking for something juicer, more qualitative, then perhaps Focus Groups will be more your cup of tea...

We recognize it's only through employing the right product, people and procedures for fieldwork, we can ensure our clients get their hands on data that tells a meaningful and true story – one that changes their perceptions and positively impacts business decisions.

  • Paperless...

    No more exploitation of virgin forests on our watch. Instead, we're armed with mobile devices whilst skipping along collecting your vital data. This collection of words and numbers are captured by aardvark and transformed into spreadsheets, tables, charts and reports – from the streets to your screen. Thankfully, the technology also allows us to greatly reduce annoying instances of human error – so it's both greener and cleaner!
  • Real-Time Tracking & Results...

    Remember we said something earlier about the results going "from the streets to your screen"? Well guess what? You can view it in real-time – anytime, anywhere, on your mobile device. And it's not just the results, with aardvark, you can keep an eye on details like location, how many have been completed, how many rejected, etc.
  • GPS/Geo-tracking...

    Want to know where the data was collected? Checking up on whether our people are really where they say they are? Or are you just interested in understanding your customers in terms of location? No matter which part of the world our people are, s:Qube will track 'em & tag 'em, and yes, you can most definitely view their locations in real-time.
  • Time Stamping...

    Want to know how long each survey took to complete? How long your customers took to answer each question? Like geo-tracking, you can either use this feature to qualify your data or better understand your customers... or both.
  • aardvark's Offline App[lication]...

    aardvark is web-based which means it needs the advocacy of wireless connectivity and the internet to perform. But we know if not tamed, technology can be either friend or foe. So to avoid the latter, we have an icon – nestled on our mobile devices where jobs will be completed without having to worry or stress about hiccups like "a drop in connectivity" and/or "next page loading at a snail's pace".
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